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Participation Council (MR)

The MR (Medezeggenschapsraad or Participation Council) fulfills an important function, in independently representing the interests of parents/guardians, students and teachers, and its existence is required by Dutch law.

It exists primarily to advise the school’s Senior Management Team on ‘whole of school’ issues and are required to critically assess proposals from the Supervisory Board and Directors, including legally required documentation and reports, as well as having the ability to raise issues directly with Senior Management. Whilst primarily an advisory body, the MR does have the ability to disapprove of some proposals before they are finalised, and does have some additional legal powers available if necessary. The MR meets at least six times during the school year, where the HSV Directors are invited to attend the later part of the meetings. 

In its organisation, the MR is operated equally between parent and teacher representatives who receive formal training for the role, and is Chaired and Vice-Chaired by parent representatives to ensure its independence is evident. These positions are appointed from within the MR by its members. Members of the MR are elected following a location wide advertised process, and the results are then communicated to; management, families and staff. Representative seats are allocated on the basis of fair representation, as follows:

  • KSS – One International Department (ID) parent and one ID teacher
  • NSL – Two ID parents, two Dutch Department (NA) parents, two ID teachers and two NA teachers.
  • VHS – One ID parent and one ID teacher
  • VNS – One ID parent and one ID teacher

 The working language of the MR is English.

Examples of our work have included; review of the budget, the Annual Report to the Board, a review of the school trip policy and practices, a review of school communications with a focus on both content and method of delivery, Healthy and Safety practices and policy, a review and authorisation of the increase in ID school fees, a review of the schools initial response to the COVID-19 crisis, a review of proposed holidays and study days, a review of the schools internal formation plan, a review of current VOG practices and having worked with the Directors to improve practices around the collection of payments and internal administration.

The MR are committed to assisting the school achieve its objectives, to hold it accountable where appropriate, and to seek to ensure effective communication, through joint working, yet maintaining independent and critical thought

Click here to read the MR Statute.

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MR Meeting Dates 2023-24
  • Monday 11th September 2023
  • Monday 13th November 2023
  • Monday 22nd January 2024
  • Monday 25 March 2024
  • Monday 27th May 2024
  • Monday 17th June 2024

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General Participation Council (GMR)

School foundations like ours, which are responsible for more than one school, and have the legal obligation to set up a GMR.

This group communicates with the Board and Management team and discusses policy for all schools in our Foundation. The issues discussed deal specifically with matters that affect the whole of the organisation, such as the Budget, Annual Report, School Policies and Personnel issues.

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Parent Activity Committee (OAC)

The HSV Parent Activity Committee (known as the Ouder Activiteiten Commissie in Dutch) currently consists of 8 parents (5 from the NA side, 3 from the ID side). The OAC gathers a few times per year to plan and organise activities for the children and the parents of the school: Sinterklaas, Christmas, the Summer Party, and some smaller events like the Book Week, Valentine’s Disco, etc.

The OAC works closely together with the school, as all the activities require coordination of efforts between the teachers (and children) and the parents. Members of the OAC therefore meet regularly with school management and sometimes with teacher groups.

The OAC is a nice way for parents to be involved in activities at school and to get to know other parents. If you are interested in helping out at an event or have ideas or comments about activities, please contact your Head of School.

The members of the current OAC are:

KSS Location – We are looking for enthusiastic parents who have some time to give. Please contact your class teacher.

NSL Location – Please find the NSL OAC here

VHS Location – We are looking for enthusiastic parents who have some time to give. Please contact your class teacher.

VNS Location – We are looking for enthusiastic parents who have some time to give. Please contact your class teacher.


The 2HSV foundation was set up by parents and former HSV alumni to promote the interests of the Haagsche Schoolvereeniging, and to offer fundraising support with specific projects in the school. In the past, 2HSV has made large contributions, such as upgrading the schoolyard and playground, the purchase of musical instruments as well as iPads and tablets.

Click here for more information on how to become a sponsor or a board member of 2HSV.