HSV International Primary School

Visiting Our Schools

**At this current time we are not able to offer our usual open morning tours. We are happy to arrange a visit virtually or on the school premises out of school hours from March. Priority for onsite visits will be given to applicants for the 2021-22 school year. If you have a very young child, we kindly ask that you check back later in the school year to arrange a visit**

Formal interviews are not required as part of the admission process for HSV International Primary School. Instead, we offer small group information sessions to prospective parents.  Please note that all tours start at 09:00 and normally last an hour. If you would like to visit us, register here

Please note that the open mornings for the Nassaulaan location are focused on the international department. Please check with the Dutch department about the information sessions for the bilingual department. 


Take a look at what our pupil’s think of the HSV on this short video:

NOS Feature the HSV KSS children in a Report about the Growth of International Education in The Netherlands