HSV International Primary School

Organisation of Year Groups

Year Groups 2020-21

The International Department works on 30th September as the key entry date for each year and is arranged by age into year groups:

Year Group Age Date of Birth
Reception 4-5 01/10/2015 – 30/09/2016
Year 1 5-6 01/10/2014 – 30/09/2015
Year 2 6-7 01/10/2013 – 30/09/2014
Year 3 7-8 01/10/2012 – 30/09/2013
Year 4 8-9 01/10/2011– 30/09/2012
Year 5 9-10 01/10/2010 – 30/09/2011
Year 6 10-11 01/10/2009 – 30/09/2010

Availability for the 2020-21 school year

We have limited availability in:

  • year 2 (Van Nijenrodestraat -VNS location & limited availability in Koningin Sophiestraat KSS location)
  • year 3 (Van Nijenrodestraat -VNS location & limited availability in Nassaulaan NSL location)
  • year 4 (Van Heutszstraat -VHS and Van Nijenrodestraat -VNS locations)
  • year 5 (all locations)
  • year 6 (all locations)
  • Our reception and year 1 classes are full across all locations and whilst new applications are welcome, we cannot guarantee placement at this time.
Placement in the reception classes

Priority is given to children who are 4 before 1st October each year. Our  formal learning starts in the reception class and reception follows the UK Early Learning curriculum where children are turning 5 during the school year. We do not make exceptions to the priority cut-off date of 1st October. For children who are 4 between 1st October and 31st December each year, we offer one Foundation class at our Van Heutszstraat location. Our online admissions system selects the applicants who are eligible for this class each year based on our waiting lists.

Under the HSV Foundation, is the Three Little Ships pre-school, also at the Van Heutszstraat location. This is suitable for children who turn 4 during the school year before starting reception. Families need to contact the Three Little Ships directly if interested in placement.

Applications for Reception class 2021-22 and beyond

The waiting list for the reception class (4-5 year olds) for September 2021 is long and confirmation of places will take place from January 2021 (starting with siblings of existing pupils). Families can submit an application once their child has turned 1 year of age. However, the International department of the HSV is not part of the Gemeente Den Haag’s school registration process. Subsequently we cannot tell you at the time of application if you will be offered a place if applying for entry in September 2021 and beyond, as we work actively only with the coming school year (and for all year groups).

Please note that we do not admit children on their 4th birthdays as our reception classes are full at the beginning of the school year and parents should be aware of this when submitting an application.


Foundation class

At our Van Heutszstraat location, we have a Foundation class. This is for children who are 4 between 1st October and 31st December each year. Eligible candidates are sorted automatically through our admissions portal each year as it is not currently possible to apply directly for the Foundation class. Please note that due to limited classroom space, we are not able to offer the Foundation class at the other HSV international department locations.