HSV International Primary School

School fees and payment

School Fees

The school fees for the 2020-21 school year are  set at €5250 per child in any year level, with an annual lunchtime supervision fee of €150 per child.

Payment Dates

Families can pay the school fee either annually or in two installments.

For new pupils: When offered a place, you will be asked to pay the first installment of the school fee  to secure the admission of your child. The second installment will be invoiced after your child starts school. You will also be sent an invoice for the lunchtime supervision fee. This can be included in the first installment if necessary.

For existing pupils: The school fee is paid in two installments: the first payment must be made by the 1st of May to secure a place for the following year; the second installment is to be paid by the 1st of November.

If you prefer to pay annually, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange this.

Account details

Payments should be deposited into the following account:
Stichting Haagsche Schoolvereeniging Den Haag
IBAN: NL08 INGB 0000 193876


Late Withdrawal

In the event that a family decides to withdraw their child after paying the first installment of the school fee, an administration cost of €150 per child will be charged. We kindly request that decisions to withdraw the children from the school are made before 1st June to allow us to offer places to new families for the following school year.