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NSL Location

Welcome to an incredibly warm and welcoming community of future international leaders. The Nassaulan location is unique as it houses both a Dutch and International department under one roof. I am the head of the International department and work closely with the head of the Dutch department, Ingrid Schumacher, to create integrated learning opportunities between children in both departments. The children enjoy day-to-day integration through the curriculum activities and specialist lessons such as music, gym and handicraft. If you are interested in the Dutch department, please visit their website here.

The HSV International Department is a member of The Dutch International Primary Schools (DIPS). This means that our school offers international education embedded in a Dutch context; as such we operate within the framework of the Dutch educational system, unlike private international and foreign educational facilities. As we are partly funded by the Dutch government, we can ensure that education at our school remains affordable for expat families.

This website is an important link in the way we communicate all that we do here at the HSV. Please do come back to the website regularly to see weekly updates on what our school has planned, as well as get to know the school’s broad Dutch and International community.

Flora Dullea
Head of School – NSL Location


Our Nassaulaan location (NSL) is located in the heart of The Hague and houses a Dutch and International Department. There are seven international year groups and nine Dutch year groups, forming a total of fifteen classes in the building. The building itself is more than 100 years old and still breaths something of the atmosphere that it was famous for at the beginning of the previous century. Continued modernisation means we look forward to using the building for the next hundred years.

The school is situated in the centre of town in a uniquely green location. It is close to many international organisations and embassies making it very desirable for many families during their stay in The Hague. It is well served by public transport and tram and bus stops are a short walk along the canal.

Since 2014, the Dutch department, which is housed under the same roof, has been part of the national bi-lingual project, expanding even further the opportunities for integration between departments. For more information on the Dutch department, please visit their website here.

Please note, the Admissions department of the International department does not handle applications for the Dutch department’s bilingual program. If you wish to enrol your child into the Dutch department, click here.  Please note that the Dutch Bilingual program is intended only for Dutch families who are permanently residing in The Netherlands.

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