HSV International Primary School

Social Friendships and Anti-Bullying

Everyone at HSV is committed to ensuring all children reach their full potential, socially and academically. In order for this to happen, we see as it as our full responsibility to provide an environment where the children feel safe and valued.

It is particularly important as HSV is a place where people of different cultures, nationalities and religious backgrounds work together. We focus on positive social relationships. We aim to empower all individuals in our schools to challenge, remedy and prevent bullying and create a culture where the rights of the individual are valued.

Successful cooperation between children, teachers and parents is based on trust, honesty and tolerance; concepts which are embedded in the curriculum across the whole school. All members of the School Community have a right to work in a secure and caring environment. They also have the responsibility to contribute in whatever way they can to the protection and maintenance of such an environment. Any failure to do so will be deemed as unacceptable.

To be effective in dealing with and preventing incidents of bullying, staff and parents must be knowledgeable about the Friendship and Anti-Bullying Policy. Appendices are available upon request in consultation with your class teacher. You can also find a copy of the complete policy in the School Guide.