HSV International Primary School

Educational Support

Pupil support means that we adapt our teaching as far as possible to meet the needs, abilities and limitations of each child, so that the child is given the opportunity to develop at his or her own level. Teachers systematically observe and record the progress of pupils in order to highlight the needs of each child and adjust the curriculum as necessary. Therefore, pupil support is not only aimed at children with learning difficulties but also at children who can handle more than the regular curriculum. We are not only focused on adapting the curriculum but also consider, for example, the home situation of a pupil, his/her self-esteem, motivation and attitude to work, learning styles, motor control difficulties and his/her social-emotional development. Our pupil support system, as well as supporting children who fall behind in one or more of the developmental areas, also pays specific attention to the more able pupils.

The Support Team

The support team (Learning Support Coordinator and Learning Support teachers) is the link between teachers/parents and particular specialists who perform services within our school. For parents and children, the first point of contact is always the teacher, but the support team is always present in the background and can also attend some parent meetings.

If you would like to know more about pupil monitoring and support, see the School Guide.

Pupil Support Policy

Educational School Support Profile (SOP) Haaglanden / Schoolondersteuningsprofiel (SOP) Haaglanden