HSV International Primary School

NSL Weekly Update

   NSL, 29th March 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,

NOS Feature the HSV KSS children in a Report about the Growth of International Education in The Netherlands



Dates for the coming school week:


Mon. 2 April:  Free Day


Tues. 3 April: Bapo: Juf Judith: Juf Mary Rose in ID1

Juf Suzan at HCL Day; no Dutch


Wed. 4 April: Bapo Juf Flora; Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher


Thurs. 5 April: Juf Flora/Juf Ingrid at ECIS Conference in Berlin: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher


Fri. 6 April: Juf Mary Rose in ID1

Flora/Ingrid at ECIS Conference in Berlin: Juf Sara Davis lead teacher

13.10: ID Assembly


Spring Breakfast

Each class held a Spring Breakfast on Wednesday morning. It was a lovely event. The younger classes had an Easter Egg hunt in the playground organised by the Parents Activity Committee.


Spring Concert

We had 24 fantastic performers at our Spring Concert on Wednesday night. There were acts by ID/NA pupils together, singing, dancing, playing instruments and singing. There were performances in different languages and a great family evening was enjoyed by all. An Art Display was exhibited “Wild and Wonderful” done by ID5/NA6, ID6/NA7 and NA8. This was great.


Farewell Juf Kitsam

Juf Kitsam (NA7 teacher on Thursdays and Fridays) has taken up a position as HCL teacher at VNS. She got a great send off from NSL and we wish her all the very best.


Change of OAC Chair

We are immensely grateful to Liz Cronin for her sterling hard work as Chair of the Parent Activity Committee over the last years. The new chair is Paul Van Horsen. We look forward to working with him and his team.