HSV International Primary School

NSL Weekly Update

NSL, 18th March 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


Dates for the coming school week:


Mon. 19th March.: CD Juf Sara, Juf Alice in ID6

Tues. 20th March: ID Open Morning

Wed. 21st March.: Study Day: Teaching Mathematics using Picture Books

No school for IDR, ID1, ID2 & ID3; NA1a, NA1b, NA2, NA3&NA4

Thurs. 22nd March: Portuguese Mother Tongue lunch

Fri. 23rd March.: Bapo: Juf Flora; Juf Sara V. lead teacher

13:10: Assembly Miss Cara -Storytelling



We had 90 pupils who ran in the CPC on Sunday. Undeterred by the rainy weather they ran and were very proud of their medals. Juf Sarah Smit ran the 5K. Juf Ingrid ran the 10K within an hour! Very well done all.

 Parent Consultations

Parent Consultations went very well this week

IPC Project: Transport

On Thursday afternoon the children in ID1 and NA2 will be had fun on wheels in the playground. The children brought bikes and scooters to school in the morning.

ID6-Greenpeace-Plastic Soup

At present we pay statiegeld on big plastic bottles. On Thursday last in the Tweede Kamer there was a discussion on putting a tariff on small plastic bottles and cans. We were asked to join Greenpeace from 12 until 14:00 on Thursday. We agreed to join them to protest about too much plastic waste in the environment. Please see the link to ID6 on the Jeugdjournaal on Thursday evening.





Our Chess team came 7th out of 200 teams on Sunday 18th March last in the HSB final.

It was a lovely chess tournament. Our team consisted of Hayun Shin (topscorer 6 out of 7 points), Rudraksha Garg (4 points), Julian Son (0.5 points) and Florian Brenne (94 points).

Have a great week everybody.


Kind regards,

Ingrid Schumacher and Flora Dullea