NSL Weekly Update

NSL, 16 December 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Dates for the coming week:


 Mon. 18 Dec.: 9.00: Onderbouw Concert: IDR/ID1/NA1a, NA1b, NA2

CD Juf Jill: Juf Helene in ID3

CD: Juf Mary Rose

Juf Anne Criado doing Christmas Story

Meeting Traffic Committee


Tues. 19 Dec.: 9.00: Concert: ID2/ID3/NA3/NA4

Bapo: Juf Judith: Juf Mary Rose in ID1

Juf Jill: leave: Juf Helene in ID3

NA8 to Planet Jump: 09:30-11:30

ID6 to Planet Jump: 12:30-14:30

Juf Anne Criado doing Christmas Story with puppe


Wed. 20 Dec..: 8.45: Christmas Concert: ID4/ID5/NA5/NA6

Juf Flora: Bapo: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher

Juf Jill: leave: Juf Helene in ID3

Festive Pot Luck Lunch for Staff


 Thurs. 21 Dec..: 8.45: ID6/NA7/NA8 Concert

Juf Jill: leave: Juf Helene in ID3

17.30-18.45: Festive Dinner


 Fri. 22 Dec..: Juf Jill: leave: Juf Helene in ID3

Decorations down

12.30: School closes: Holidays!


Festive School

We had a wow moment on Monday morning as we entered the school. The dedicated OAC and helpers had transformed the school into a magical Christmas setting. The gym is now festively decorated for the concerts and festivities of the coming week.


The beginning of the week was fun filled for the children with lots of snow. School looked magical in the snow.

ID5 Assembly: Christmas around the World

ID5 treated us to a superb assembly looking at how Christmas is celebrated or not in many countries around the world-Austria, France, Greenland, China and many more.

Student Council

At the Student Council meeting we evaluated the Sinterklaas celebration. Pupils are passionate about making our school better. They are focusing on monitoring caring for bicycles, parking properly and not tampering with bicycles of others.


Have a great weekend everybody.


Kind regards,

Ingrid Schumacher and Flora Dullea