KSS Weekly update


 **Please remember that school closes at 12:30 on Friday 22nd December**



Week Beginning 11th December 2017



The school is decorated for the Festive season and everyone is excited for the events in the final week of term. The children have been busy learning the songs and words for the Christmas concerts next Thursday and we are sure that they are going to be very special. We also enjoyed the snow on Monday and Tuesday, although many of the adults in school are now glad that it has cleared and the pathways are easy to walk on again!

On Tuesday, we were visited by one of the new Board (Raad van Toezicht) members, Mr de Heer. As a former school inspector, he very much enjoyed seeing the school at work and was very impressed by the learning he saw taking place as well as the way the personal learning goals are displayed and taught around the school.

Thursday saw ID 3 head off to the Museon for a lesson on teeth, a good practical science experience. Next term we will pick up with more cultural visits for each year group. Please do get involved where you can.


Christmas Concerts

Please make sure that you arrive on time to enjoy our Christmas concerts on Thursday. Please have your phone on silent and leave your pram/stroller in the entrance hall. Smaller siblings are allowed to attend, but we ask that you take them outside if they start to disrupt proceedings. If coming by car, do not park in the staff car park or in the Koningin Sophiestraat. Look for places a few streets away and walk the final metres to school.


UNESCO World Languages February 2018

Please see the following notification from our EAL department about our planned celebration of World Languages in February. We hope to hold an exciting photo competition. More details can be found here.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 18th December- Dress rehearsals for the Christmas concerts
  • Thursday 21st December- Christmas Concert for ID R to 3 children at 09:00
  • Thursday 21st December- Christmas Concert for ID 4 to 6 children at 14:00
  • Thursday 21st December- Festive Meals in the classrooms at 17:30 prompt
  • Friday 22nd December- School closes for Christmas vacation at 12:30



Teachers Out Of School Next Week:

  • Monday 18th December- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3




Week Beginning 4th December 2017


We had another great Sint celebration at KSS this year. The whole school and many excited adults assembled outside to great the very important guest. However after a few songs, there was no sign of him. A few minutes later two Piets came up the street, one running and one on a bike. They had a sign “Where is Sint?” as he was not with them! We then heard some loud snoring and Ms Vivienne thought that it came from the gym. The whole school tiptoed quietly inside and there was Sint asleep on a bed. He had decided to arrive at KSS on the Monday evening to avoid being late and overslept. However, after a brush of his teeth and a strong coffee he was good to go and the day passed without any further incidents! The children in the younger classes enjoyed receiving a gift, whilst in the older classes there was the exchanging of some super surprises and poems. After a few days of calm at school we will now turn our attention into making the school more festive.


The Piets arrived without Sint. Where was he?


Sint was surprised when he woke up to a room full of children!



The KSS location will be open on Tuesday next week. Some members of the team will be striking, but we are able to remain open and continue with learning.


ID 4 Ice Skating Trip

To conclude their science work on forces, ID 4 visited the Uithof on Thursday to see the effects of friction up close when ice skating. It also gave the children the chance to learn a new and somewhat difficult skill. They went with the other year 4 classes and invited some children from Lighthouse to join them. It was a great trip and everyone returned to school in festive spirits.


Celebration Assembly

We held our second celebration assembly of the year with a number of children from each class being recognised for their effort or improvement in a new skill. It was particularly heart-warming to see how the children reacted when a classmate received a certificate; we really have some caring children in our school.


Reminder of End of Term Events

The newsletter, which was emailed out to you all on Monday, contained details of the Festive events. These take place on Thursday 21st December and we hope for excellent attendance! The ID R to 3 concert is at 09:00, the ID 4 to 6 children will perform at 14:00. At 15:00 the children should leave to go home and get ready for the Festive meal. This will start at 17:30 prompt. Please be on time. Parents are free to wait in the gym where there will be a borrel. We will ask for helpers for this next week.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 11th December- Interior Architecture students visit to plan their designs
  • Tuesday 12th December- Industrial Design students may visit IDR
  • Tuesday 12th December- Mr de Heer from the board visits
  • Thursday 14th December- ID 3 visit the Museon for a lesson on dinosaurs


Teachers Out Of School Next Week

  • Monday 11th December- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Tuesday 12th December – Mr Beattie is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 5
  • Wednesday 13th December- Ms Eileen is out




Week Beginning 27th November 2017

Last week there was no weekly update as I was in London at a Reading for Pleasure Conference. It was a highly enjoyable event and reinforced the importance for children’s development of the pleasure of reading. We are very lucky in our school that children do enjoy reading and make excellent progress whilst reading in their second or even third language. We have invested in the past months in a range of new library books and classroom readers that we hope the children will continue to enjoy and appreciate.

This week the excitement has been building for Sinterklaas, with an overnight visit by Sint on Monday evening along with messy Piet, who once again messed up many of the classrooms! We will celebrate Sint on Tuesday next week and it is always a big mystery how he will reach the school. Will it be by hot air balloon, a chauffeur driven car or simply by public transport- we will wait with baited breath on Tuesday.

From the classrooms

Many great examples of learning have been taking place in the classrooms. IDR have combined maths with Sinterklaas, when they used the tens frame method to count their shoes which had been left out for Sint on Monday.

ID 1 have been welcoming parents in to explain about their jobs. On the 24th November, two of the parents who work at the ICC showed how they carry out their jobs through an excellent role play trial of the Big Bad Wolf. This was very well received by the children and Ms Jess!

Making links with a school in Italy has been something that Ms Catriona has been promoting this term with her class. This week they wrote letters explaining the celebration of Sinterklaas, which is quite a difficult task.

The children in ID 3 are continuing with coding and using the COOL platform, showing good ICT skills.

Mr Adam had set his class a green inventions challenge for homework and on Monday the children presented their ideas. There were some strong presenters and ideas, showing a good awareness of the need for alternative energy sources.

ID 5 led an assembly on Friendship on Thursday. They thought about practical examples of friendship and sang some songs around the theme. Some clear speaking aloud so that they really engaged the audience- well done!

Finally in ID 6 the children recently enjoyed a visit to the Zuiderstrandtheater to see Cacti, performed by the NDT 2 group. The use of cultural events to enhance learning will stand the children in good stead as they move into the final half of the year when they start planning and putting together an exhibition.

INSIDE Architect Students

On Thursday, we were visited by 10 interior architecture students and their tutors. They have been invited to look at space in schools as education prepares for the future. What will/should schools look like? How can we better maximise our space? They talked to staff and children about areas around the school that we like and would like to improve. We look forward to seeing their ideas in the coming weeks.

What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Tuesday 5th December- Sint celebrations- SCHOOL CLOSES AT 12:30
  • Thursday 7th December- ID 4 to Uithof for skating trip

 Teachers Out Of School Next Week:

  • Monday 4th December- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Tuesday 5th December-  Ms Catriona is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 2
  • Wednesday 6th December- Ms Eileen is out
  • Friday 8th December- Ms Marjon is out- Ms Janet teaches ID R
  • Friday 8th December- Mrs Wittenberg is at the Nassaulaan location all day, Mr Beattie is lead teacher

Week Beginning 13th November 2017

**School is closed for children in ID R, 1,2 and 3 on Wednesday 22nd November**

This week we welcomed a film crew from Hungary who are preparing a documentary to celebrate the work and achievements of Zoltán Kodály, one of the leading figures of the 20th century’s musical life of Hungary. His music pedagogy concept was inscribed on the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices of UNESCO in 2016. The film makers filmed two lessons, one with ID 2 and one with ID 4. The film making team were so complimentary of our children and how they worked with Mr Tim. They were the first children to be filmed for this documentary, which will be premiered in December 2018. As well as the children taking part, Mr Tim, Mr Adam and Mrs Wittenberg were all filmed talking about music education. It was a very interesting process to be involved with.

Secondary Transition Meeting

We are always pleased to welcome the Directors of our local Secondary schools. It is important that parents are aware of the choices on offer and this year we had a very packed hall as the International School of The Hague, Het Rijnlands Lyceum in Oestgeest and the European School of The Hague shared information. We hope to make the presentations available to parents soon.

ID 6 Dance Theatre lesson

As soon as the film crew had finished, the gym was used for a fantastic dance lesson. Next week the ID 6 children will go to see a performance ‘Cacti’ and in preparation for this, they got to experience dance for themselves. It was good to see them enjoying themselves and we have some very nimble children.

Respect and Kindness Assemblies

ID 4 and 5 led the Thursday assembly, sharing thoughts on respect. The children presented well, we especially loved the ID 5 rap and it is clear from seeing the children interact that they demonstrate kindness to one another.

On Friday, ID 1 talked about kindness and shared a great story Mr Wolf’s Pancakes which had a very unexpected ending. The IDR and 2 children sat enthralled during some great acting by ID 1.

What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 20th November- ID 6 visit the Zuiderstrandtheater
  • Wednesday 22nd November- NO SCHOOL FOR ID R, 1, 2 and 3 children due to staff study day


Teachers out of School Next Week

  • Monday 20th November- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Tuesday 21st November- Mr Adam is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 4
  • Friday 24th November- Mrs Wittenberg is on a course in London. Ms Marjon is the lead teacher.

Week Beginning 6th November 2017

It has felt like a quiet week in school this week, but it has been as busy as always with some stimulating learning taking place in the classrooms. There has been lots of science happening in the older classrooms with work on gravity, tests on solutions and forces and more. This hands-on learning really engages the children and promotes great questioning and scientific thinking.

ID 4 launched the Cultural lesson visits this week with a trip to the Museon to find out about food around the world. They had an interactive lesson in Dutch and it was a very worthwhile experience. ID 6 will have a dance lesson with teachers from the NDT on Thursday next week and a visit to the Dans Theater in the Zuiderstrandtheater the following week as the next cultural experience.

The children continue to enjoy their Power of Reading texts and are using them for creative writing and art. We had a lovely assembly led by ID 2 today where they had created drawings of forms of transport for a giraffe to get across France. They presented well and shared some super work. Well done ID 2!

Staff Continue to learn too!

This week the teachers have been busy continuing to develop their ICT skills by looking at coding and programming opportunities.

Ms Jessica and Mr Beattie spent the day in London on Thursday attending the second Power of Reading course.

Ms Joke and Mrs Wittenberg have also been busy implementing the new online admissions system, which has certainly been a steep learning curve!

Secondary Transition

Parents of ID 5 and 6 children are warmly welcome to attend the information session on Monday 13th November, where the Heads of our three main feeder secondary schools will give a short presentation on their programmes. The evening starts at 18:30 at our Van Nijenrodestraat location.

Film on Growth Mindset in Maths

A number of teachers are following the work of Jo Boaler, a professor at Stanford University. This week she launched a short film: Rethinking Giftedness and how this links with growth mindset.  If you are interested in this, you can view the video here.

Shoebox Appeal

Please remember that Friday 17th November is the final day to hand in your shoebox. This year you should register and pay for the delivery of the box online through the website seen on the form. We look forward to seeing many more boxes in school next week.

What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 13th November- ID 5 and 6 parent transition meeting at the VNS location. Starts at 18:30.
  • Thursday 16th November- Documentary crew in to film Mr Tim’s music lessons
  • Thursday 16th November- NDT visit ID 6 for a dance lesson

Teachers Out of School Next Week

  • Monday 13th November- Mr Adam is out- Ms Alice teaches ID 4
  • Tuesday 14th November- Mrs Wittenberg is out first thing at a meeting

Week Beginning 30th October 2017

This week saw the opportunity for parents to come in and meet the teachers to discuss the first short reports. It was good to see almost every family attend and we trust that you enjoyed meeting the class and specialist teachers. If there is still a teacher that you wish to meet then please send them an email to arrange a mutually convenient time. Mr Tim is offering time on Monday afternoon if you wish to discuss the music learning of your child. A sign-up sheet is in the entrance.

The ID 1 and 5 classes launched into their IPC units this week. ID 1 had a fabulous dress up day on Wednesday where they wore the clothes that they would need to do their dream job when older.  ID 5 launched into their IPC unit on Materials with a science investigation and then a day out at the Ontdekhoek in Rotterdam, which is a hands-on science centre. This is always a popular trip as the children get to try so many different activities.

Other learning in the classrooms has focused on the new Power of Reading texts. The children are enjoying these books and the follow-up work immensely and we are seeing some impressive results.

Don’t forget to look at the November newsletter sent out via email. It is also available to be downloaded from the side toolbar of this web page.

What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 6th November- Mr Tim is available from 15:00-17:00 to meet parents (staffroom)
  • Tuesday 7th November- ID 4 visit the Museon


Teachers Out of School Next Week:

  • Monday 6th November- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Monday 6th November- Mr Beattie is out- Ms Alice teaches ID 5
  • Tuesday 7th November- Ms Catriona is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 2
  • Thursday 9th November- Mr Beattie and Ms Jessica are at a course in London; Ms Helene teaches ID 5, Ms Janet teaches ID 1
  • Friday 10th November- Ms Marjon is out- Ms Janet teaches ID R

Week Beginning 23rd October 2017

The return to school often means the exciting launch into new IPC units. Today ID R had a mysterious parcel in their classroom when they arrived at school. It contained many dressing up clothes for different fairy tale characters and the children got to try the outfits on and act out stories.

ID 1 will start their new unit next week so instead they had a science themed week on Autumn which included a number of art activities. They will start their IPC unit on Jobs next week.

Celebrations is the theme for ID 2 this term and is a great unit to involve parents and first hand experiences of the many celebrations of our families.   This week the class planned a Harvest party which they held on Friday. We look forward to hearing about the other celebrations in ID 2 as the term progresses.

ID 3 was busy out on the playground this week, working in groups to measure out the lengths of various dinosaurs. This is always one of the most popular IPC units as the children love finding out about these creatures from the past. Many of them have a good knowledge of the names and locations of dinosaurs from around the world already too!

Mr Adam set his ID 4 class a challenge. After watching Wallace and Grommit, who are animated inventors, the children had to come up with their own design and film themselves advertising the product they had invented. A great cross curricular week!

The children in ID 5 spent a week focusing on the Vikings as a conclusion to their unit on The Great, The Bold and The Brave. Apparently this links in well with the release of the new Thor movie! They will launch into their topic on materials next week with a visit to the Ontdekhoek in Rotterdam.

Finally, the children in ID 6 have been planning their own fairground ride. This is a great science unit and requires a great deal of imagination from the children as they use their scientific knowledge to create weird and wonderful rides. After making their plan they also, like ID 4, had to convince others about their design.  It’s certainly been an action packed week.

Cyber Safety Talk

Today ID 6 welcomed the Director of Cyber security from Europol to their class. He gave a presentation and answered questions about the importance of staying safe on the internet and social media sites. As the children get older and have their own technological devices it is important that they know how to be safe.

Celebration Assembly

On Thursday, we held our first celebration assembly of the year. The class and specialist teachers all nominated children who have learnt a new skill or demonstrated effort in one of the personal learning goals to receive a special certificate. We will have 5 of these assemblies and hope to mark an achievement of every child during the year.

Koningin Sophiestraat closed from 30th October

From Monday next week, the road of the school will be closed to general traffic and we have been asked to inform parents not to drive up the road to drop off or collect children. Please use the Carolina van Nassaustraat (the road that runs parallel) instead. We ask that you do not try and access the staff car park.

What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 30th October- Stenden student Caroline, starts in ID 5 for a block of 3 weeks
  • Tuesday 31st October- Ms Criado’s last day at KSS
  • Friday 3rd November- ID 5 to Ontdekhoek in Rotterdam


Teachers out of School next week:

  • Monday 30th October- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Monday 30th October- Ms Jessica is out- Ms Alice teaches ID 1