KSS Weekly update


School is closed on Friday 13th October for a study day. School will re-open after the Autumn break on Monday 23rd October.


Weeks Beginning 2nd and 9th October 2017

It has been a very busy two weeks in school and having been away from the building at a conference and study day I have been pleased to catch up with the children’s learning when I can. This week in particular, there was a real buzz around the Children’s Book Week Gruwelijk Eng! (Terribly Scary) especially on Monday when the children dressed up as their favourite spooky characters. On Thursday we enjoyed an assembly when we saw what the children had learnt in the classrooms- some children had made their own books, others had written detailed passages to create a scary atmosphere and others worked together on collaborative reading. A big thank you goes to the Book week committee – Mr Beattie, Ms Vivienne and Ms Catriona for organising a super week!

Fire drill

On Tuesday 3rd October we had our first practice fire evacuation of the year. We were all out of school and accounted for within three and a half minutes. This was pleasing as we had a child in a wheelchair and a teacher recovering from a broken foot to get out too.


Staff Study Days

On Wednesday 4th October the teachers of the lower school classes had informative sessions on the use of Google, programming/coding and other ICT initiatives. These were led by other tech savvy colleagues and the morning was very well received.

On Friday 13th October the entire HSV team is off to Eindhoven where there is a conference for teachers in the Dutch-International Primary Schools (DIPS). We look forward to some more informative and inspiring sessions.

Staff Strike

A big thank you for the support shown for the teacher strike on Thursday 5th October. A number of colleagues joined the demonstration in Zuiderpark, where around 60,000 teachers nationwide gathered to protest for better salaries and working conditions. We look forward to seeing how the government responds to these demands.


Stenden Students

This week we were joined by first year teacher training students, Michelle and Florianne. They had a day in each of the ID R, 1, 2 and 3 classrooms observing the learning and helping groups of children. After the holidays they will spend time in the ID 4 to 6 classrooms. Later on next half term they will be assigned to a class to work for a block of three weeks. We hope that they will enjoy their time at the HSV.


School Trips

ID 6 had a great trip to Madurodam and the Binnenhof on Monday 2nd October. This was arranged by Ms Vivienne as part of the HCL lessons and the children talked about democracy and other political issues. The children were complimented for their level of knowledge of this area and how they responded to the questions asked.

ID 4 were also out of school on 2nd October, when they visited Rotterdam airport. Our children are experts in airports as they are such well-travelled children, but it was still enjoyable to have a look at the workings of a smaller scale airport.

Classes also visited the Shell Generation festival on the Malieveld. The children enjoyed the practical hands on science learning. We know that a number of families also visited this event at the weekend. We trust that you had a good time.


Parent-teacher Consultations

You should have received an email this week inviting you to sign up via a google survey for a parent-teacher appointment time. Please make sure that you do this before Monday 23rd October.


Whole School Celebration Assembly

On the first Thursday after the holidays, we will hold our first celebration assembly. The teachers are asked to choose a few children who have made an extra special effort with the learning, or conquered something that they had found challenging or demonstrated a strength in one of the personal learning goals. The specialist teachers are also asked to look for children who have made a special effort.


Teachers out After the Holidays:

  • Wednesday 25th October- Ms Alice is out- Ms Claire teaches ID 6
  • Friday 27th October- Ms Janet (cover teacher) is out



Please remember that school is closed on Wednesday 4th October for children in ID R to 3 due to a staff study day.

There are no lessons on Thursday 5th October due to a nationwide strike by primary teachers. We ask that you make alternative arrangements for your children that day.


Week Beginning 25th September 2017


The term is flying by and it is busy with lots of exciting learning in the classrooms. This week some classes have been busy with visits outside of school. Next week other classes will have the chance to extend their learning outside of the regular school environment.  On Thursday, ID 1 visited an orchard in Olmenhorst. They saw the process of picking, selecting and packaging apples and were able to pick apples for themselves. They then used these to make appelflap, a real Dutch treat. I hope that they taste as good as they smelt.

ID 6 also had the chance to go on a visit on Thursday. They went to Humanity House in the centre of The Hague to find out more about the plight of refugees. This was a very thought provoking and stimulating visit and was linked to the Power of Reading text that the children are studying, The Journey.

Our final visit of the week was to Leiden. ID 5 visited the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, which houses a collection of artefacts from Greek and Roman times. The children are currently studying Ancient Civilisations and they had the chance to join in some practical workshops.

It is great to hear how well our children participate on these visits.  A big thank you to all the parent helpers who have supported visits this week.


Risk Assessment

Today the school had its annual risk assessment. The inspector was pleased with the building and will make some small recommendations for us to continue to improve it further.


Teacher Strike

You may have read about the planned teacher strike on Thursday 5th October. The staff at the HSV have decided to join this strike and will join the protest in Zuiderpark. We thank you in advance for your support with this; your messages of support are very much appreciated.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 2nd October- ID 6 visit Madurodam and the Binnenhof
  • Monday 2nd October- ID 4 visit Rotterdam airport
  • Wednesday 4th October- ID 4 visit Shell Generation
  • Wednesday 4th October- School is closed for children in ID R, 1, 2 and 3
  • Thursday 5th October- National Primary Teacher Strike- school is closed
  • Friday 6th October- ID 1 and 6 to Shell Generation


Teachers out of school next week

  • Monday 2nd October- Ms Hager is out – Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Tuesday 3rd October- Mr Beattie is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 5
  • Friday 6th October- Ms Catriona is out- Ms Janet teaches ID 2
  • Friday 6th October- Mrs Wittenberg and Ms Joke are out at a conference in Amsterdam




Week beginning 18th September 2017


Tuesday saw the annual Prinsjesdag parade in the centre of The Hague, when the King officially opens the parliamentary year. Ms Vivienne has been teaching the children about this event in the Host Country lessons and on Monday, she and Ms Catriona took the ID 2 class to the beach to see the horses practising for the event. The children even made it onto the Royal Family’s facebook page.

We also celebrated Walk to School Day on Thursday. We handed out badges on Wednesday to remind the children to try and walk some of the way or the whole way to school. Thank you to those families who did support this initiative.

Thursday was also the International Day of Peace. In assembly on Friday, Mrs Wittenberg shared a book “How Does Peace Feel?”  and the children shared their own ideas about how peace felt, smelt, looked, tasted and sounds. You can see some of the responses in the corridor by the staffroom.


Power of Reading

On Thursday, Mr Beattie and Ms Jessica attended the first of four Power of Reading training sessions in London. We have started to implement this very inspiring method of teaching literacy this year and it really does yield good results. We will share more information on this with you in a newsletter at a later date.



We have three trips next week. ID 6, 1 and 5 will be out and about in The Hague, Olmenhorst and Leiden. We will update you on what they learnt next week.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Thursday 28th September- ID 6 to Humanity House
  • Thursday 28th September- ID 1 to Olmenhorst Orchard
  • Friday 29th September- ID 5 to Rijksmuseum Leiden


Teachers out of school next week

  • Monday 25th September- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Monday 25th September- Mr Adam is out- Ms Helene teaches ID 4
  • Tuesday 26th September- Ms Marjon is out- Ms Clare teaches ID R
  • Tuesday 26th September- Mrs Wittenberg is at a study day- Mr Beattie is lead teacher





Week Beginning 11th September 2017

One of the highlights of the ID 6 year took place this week- the camp at Gorssel. The children set off on Monday from the Nassaulaan location and after a couple of hours travel, found themselves at the beautiful Stay Okay. The children were kept very busy for the 3 days, getting to know more about their own classmates and the children from the other locations, playing lots of games, exploring nature, going for a local walk and having a super adventurous day at an outdoor activity centre. On Thursday the children returned to school tired, but full of enthusiasm for their time out of school. A big thank you to all the staff who organised and accompanied the children on the camp.


Welcome back picnic

After horrendous weather last Friday which meant our welcome back picnic was cancelled, we were glad to have some sunshine this week to enjoy one another’s company outside in the park. Thank you to all the parents who brought snacks for the children to enjoy, we have some great cooks amongst our parent body. We had a lovely afternoon!



On Tuesday the school will be closed for the State Opening of Parliament (Prinsjesdag). If you have not seen the parade of the Golden Carriage through the centre of the city, it is well worth a visit. More information on the route can be found here.

Walk to School Day

Every year, The Hague encourages all families to walk or cycle to school on the third Thursday in September. The HSV fully supports this initiative and will be handing out badges to the children to encourage them to take part on Thursday 21st September. Please do your very best next Thursday to cycle, walk or use public transport and failing that park your car a few streets further away to walk the last part of the journey.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 18th September- ID 2 visit the beach to see the horses and soldiers train for Prinsjesdag
  • Tuesday 19th September- SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Thursday 21st September- International Day of Peace
  • Thursday 21st September- WALK TO SCHOOL DAY


Teachers out of school next week:

  • Monday 18th September- Mr Toby is out- Ms Alice in ID 6
  • Thursday 21st September- Mr Beattie and Ms Jessica are in London for a Power of Reading course. Ms Helene covers ID 1. ID 5 covered internally.




Week Beginning 4th September 2017

There has been lots of exciting learning taking place in the classrooms, with IPC units well underway. It was lovely to see the IDR children really looking carefully at themselves before painting their portraits; they did a great job adding the features so that we could recognise them all.

The miniature gardens made by ID 1 to launch into their Flowers and Insects topic were also carefully done, full of colourful plants and ornaments.  In ID 6, I sat in on an interesting discussion about human rights. The children have very definite ideas about the basic needs we all should be entitled to and know a lot about current affairs.

Other classes have been enjoying their Power of Reading texts. ID 3 have been using a picture book, Belonging which also links to their IPC unit on Communities. ID 2 and 4 have created some great art work linked to their respective books. The level of response the Power of Reading books generates is very impressive across the school.

Our assembly in both key stages focused on the book “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds. The children enjoyed this story that links closely with the work on Growth Mindset and I look forward to receiving all the dots made by the children in the coming week so that we can form a whole school display. If you are interested in this book, you can view an online animation on You Tube.  We discussed lots of questions around the book and the bigger questions of art. For example, “if one person thinks the piece of art is good and another does not, who is right?”


ID 6 Camp

We wish the ID 6 and NA 7 classes a wonderful time on camp next week. The children are excited and the staff are hoping for good weather! I am sure that they will have many interesting tales to share next week when they return.


Class Picnics

It was a real shame that we had to postpone the class picnics on Friday, but a day of rain does not make for an enjoyable experience. Let’s hope that we can enjoy some time together with our classmates next week Friday.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 11th-Wednesday 13th September- ID 6 to school camp at Gorssel


Teachers out of School Next Week

  • Monday 11th September- Mr Adam is out- Ms Helene teaches ID 4
  • Tuesday 12th September- Mr Adam is out- Ms Helene teaches ID 4
  • Thursday 14th September- Ms Marjon is out- Ms Helene teaches ID R
  • Friday 15th September- Mr Toby is out- Ms Helene teaches ID 6








Week Beginning 28th August 2017

It was the second week of term for the ID 1 to 6 classes with entry points into the new IPC units undertaken. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) likes to start its learning in each theme with an exciting entry point, aimed to get the children’s imagination and interest fired.  For example, the children in ID 1 had a bug hunt in the playground and found many diverse insects.  Today, the children in ID 2 dressed in traditional or favourite clothing and had a fashion parade. It was wonderful to see the pride the children took in wearing their home country’s national costume. Have a good look out at the class pages in the coming weeks for photos and stories of the great learning that takes place in your child’s class.

This week we also held key stage assemblies. On Thursday, Mr Beattie talked to the older children about the very important topic of fire safety and the children were reminded of the drill for evacuation. It is also important to discuss these issues at home and the children showed very sensible thinking and an interest to learn more.

The assembly for the younger children focused on introducing the new IDR children and learning their names as well as sharing the learning from the IPC units. It was good to hear the children talking about making mistakes as a positive thing- an excellent demonstration of growth mindset. We also had an opportunity to see the wonderful costumes of the ID 2 children.


Welcome back picnic in the park

Don’t forget that on Friday 8th September we would like to invite all families to bring some snacks and have a class picnic in the park outside school. This will take place after the children have been dismissed at 15:00 and hope that our new class parents will encourage people to take part. Let’s hope that the weather is good!


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Friday 8th September – picnic in the park- get to know the new families


Teachers out of School Next Week

  • Monday 4th September- Mr Beattie is out- Ms Alice teaches ID 5
  • Tuesday 5th September- Ms Catriona is out a.m.- Ms Claire teaches ID 2
  • Thursday 7th September- Mr Adam is out- Ms Helene teaches ID 4
  • Friday 8th September- Ms Jessica is out- Ms Helene teaches ID 1





Welcome back!

The summer holidays are over and school has started again. We have had a great first week back. We have lots of new children and they have all fitted in well and hopefully feel at home with us here at KSS. Our new teachers are also finding their way around and enjoying their KSS experience. We look forward to another wonderful year!


Launch Into Learning

This week the classes have been looking at learning and in particular, the idea of Growth Mindset. ID 2 and 3 have put up a very colourful display “Aiming High” and today the children in both classes worked together on thinking about the personal learning goals. We will keep revisiting these during the year.



I hope that you received the pdf version of the back to school newsletter. Please let us know if you did not receive it. Future editions will be sent out by an automatic system so do keep an eye in your inbox at the beginning of each month.


Parent Information Evening

A reminder that the class teachers will share information about the learning and class routines this year on Thursday 31st August. ID 3 to 6 classes have their presentation at 18:30 and ID R to 2 at 19:30. We hope to see you all there.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 28th August- New ID R children start
  • Thursday 31st August- Parent Information Meetings in the classrooms