HSV International Primary School

KSS Weekly update

Week Beginning 14th May 2018

After a long holiday with sunshine and warm temperatures, it was back to school. Everyone returned enthusiastic for the final term of the year. The first week of term is always busy with the entry points in the new IPC units and on Friday ID 4 got their Health and Fitness unit off to a great start with a bootcamp in the woods. The children really enjoyed this but looked very tired on their return to school.

The ID 6 children are preparing for their end of year exhibition. They are focusing on the tales of the Brothers Grimm and have lots of creative activities planned for the coming weeks. It is sure to be a great event.

We are all looking forward to another memorable end of year.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Tuesday 22nd May- IDR to Zeeheldentheater for musical performance
  • Tuesday 22nd May- ID 5 to Kinderboekenmuseum
  • Wednesday 23rd May- Mr Beattie, Mr George and Mrs Wittenberg at Fire Evacuation training


Teachers out of School Next Week:

  • Tuesday 22nd May- Mr Beattie is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 5
  • Thursday 24th May (pm)- Mr Beattie at First aid training
  • Friday 25th May- Ms Jessica at Outdoor learning conference in Dusseldorf
  • Friday 25th May- Mrs Wittenberg at VNS first thing




Week Beginning 23rd April 2018

It has been orange all week at KSS; we have been well and truly celebrating the King’s Birthday!

We started on Monday with the annual Sponsorloop (Sponsored Run) for this year’s charity –  Kinderfonds. The children ran long laps around the Sophiepark outside the school and all the children throughout the school gave it their all. A big thank you to the families that have already sent in their money. If you are still to collect it, then please send it in after the holidays.

Tuesday saw the children enjoying the old style Dutch games in their HCL lesson with Ms Vivienne. There were lots of opportunities to work collaboratively and try out the old style solitaire, sjoelen (a game where you push discs towards different scored holes) and many other games. It was great to see so many children (and staff) come to school in orange.

Finally, the King’s Day festivities came to an end on Thursday with the ID 5 King’s Day market. As part of the exit point for their IPC Going Global unit, the children were given €5 to create a product to then sell to other children in the school and make a profit. The children did really well with this and made €178 for the Kinderfonds charity, a super effort. The rest of the school enjoyed trying the variety of home-made sweets, snacks and products made by our ID 5 entrepreneurs!


Ramadan  Assembly

A big thank you to the group of mums from our Muslim community, who organised an informative Ramadan assembly for ID 2 to 6. They explained the importance of the fasting month which starts in mid-May and how the festival ends with Eid-ul-Fitr. The mums had also spent considerable time making traditional drinks and snacks and after the assembly in the hall, they showed the children how to make simple lanterns.  Thank you!

We look forward to having other parents share their traditions and religious celebrations with us. Please get in touch if this is something you would like to do.


ID R City Farm

To end their IPC unit on Animals, ID R visited a local city farm in Rijswijk. The children had a good morning, tracking down various different animals and having the chance to feed and care for the farm animals. For some children, this was their first opportunity to be up close with such creatures.


ID 1 Exit point

ID 1 had two exciting learning opportunities this week. On Monday, they were visited by the local Wijkagent (community police officer), Evert-Jan, who came in his police van. Amazingly the van held all 20 ID 1 children!

On Wednesday, the playground was turned into a mini-town with many roads, traffic lights and signs. The children cycled around the town and some were also pedestrians. They really had a lot of fun trying out road safety in this practical way on their bikes.


What’s happening after the holidays?

  • Dutch (HCL) lessons will move to Fridays as Ms Vivienne has swapped her working day


Teachers out of School after the holidays:

  • Monday 14th May- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Monday 14th May- Ms Jessica is out- Ms Alice teaches ID 1
  • Friday 18th May- Ms Toebes is out- Ms Denise helps in ID 1




Week Beginning 16th April 2018


We have enjoyed unseasonably warm weather this week and today we had the water pump on in the playground. Seeing the children paddling in the water and enjoying playing co-operatively was heartening to see, and even the ID 6 children proved that you are never too old to enjoy sand and water!

This year Ms Vivienne has arranged a lesson for each class where the children can use their Dutch skills in a real context. It was the turn of ID 3 this week to visit the Kinderboeken museum and they had a highly interactive morning, according to the feedback from Ms Vivienne. She was impressed by the reading and writing skills of the children.

We are all looking forward to the King’s Day celebrations next week. Ms Vivienne has been busy teaching the children about the Royal family and the traditions surrounding the King’s birthday on the 27th April. Next week we have a King’s Day sponsored run to raise money for the charity, Kinderfonds and on Tuesday we look forward to seeing lots of orange in school as we learn some old time Dutch games.


Fire Safety lesson

ID 5 was visited by the local Fire officer today for a lesson on fire safety. It is important that the children are aware of the dangers associated with fire and the children learnt a lot. Thank you to the local Fire department for arranging these lessons.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Monday 23rd April- Sponsor Run during the gym lessons. Please remember to bring in the sponsor forms!
  • Tuesday 24th April- Old time Dutch games in HCL lessons
  • Wednesday 25th April- ID R out to city farm
  • Thursday 26th April- Ramadan Assembly for ID 2-6 children
  • Friday 27th April- Start of the May holiday. King’s day celebrations in The Netherlands


Teachers out of school next week

  • Monday 23rd April- Mrs Wittenberg in late
  • Monday 23rd April- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Monday 23rd April- Ms Toebes is out- Ms Denise helps ID 1
  • Monday 23rd April- Mr Toby is out- Ms Alice teaches ID 6
  • Tuesday 24th April- Ms Catriona is out- Ms Kristen teaches ID 2
  • Tuesday 24th April-Mr Adam is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 4
  • Thursday 26th April- Mr Burford is out- no handicrafts for ID 4 to 6





Week beginning 9th April 2018

There was no update last Friday as I was in Berlin attending a leadership conference which focused on the language and design of learning. There were many interesting workshops and a very interesting keynote speech on bilingualism at different ages. Our children are incredibly lucky to be raised in multi-lingual environments at home and school and there is a lot of research about the long term effects of this even as old age advances.

We have also been busy this week interviewing teachers for the HSV for next year. Due to our new location opening we have many positions to fill and we have been very impressed by the children at KSS and how they have participated in the sample lessons we ask candidates to teach. They are so articulate at explaining their mathematics and can work collaboratively well, which is wonderful to see.

Elsewhere around the KSS location, ID 1 has had a busy week. On Monday they had a visit from the local animal ambulance, which was very enjoyable. They could see inside the ambulance and ask questions of the driver. Thanks to Ms Kate at the VNS location for arranging this! Tuesday saw the ID 1 class go to the Museon to have a lesson on space travel and the children returned with some expertly made space rockets from junk materials.

As part of their science work on habitats, ID 4 visited the Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam on Thursday.  The children again enjoyed being out of school and learning about animals from different parts of the world and will use the knowledge gained to support their classwork.

We also had two class assemblies this week. ID 3 shared what they know about maths, in a creative way with songs and actions, whilst  ID 2 shared their IPC work on buildings, along with a great retelling of the Squash and a Squeeze story. It was good to see some confident performers in both classes.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Tuesday 17th April- ID 3 visit the Kinderboekenmuseum as part of the Dutch lessons
  • Friday 20th April – Fire Safety lesson for ID 5
  • Friday 20th April- Summer Party planning meeting for interested parents


Teachers out of school:

  • Monday 16th April- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Tuesday 17th April- Ms Marjon is out- Ms Clare teaches ID R
  • Wednesday 18th April- Ms Eileen is out
  • Friday 20th April- Ms Toebes is out- Ms Denise helps in ID 1


NOS Feature the HSV KSS children in a Report about the Growth of International Education in The Netherlands



Week Beginning 26th March 2018


This week we celebrated Spring, with the traditional HSV breakfasts on Wednesday morning and a wonderful concert with the older children on Thursday. We always enjoy seeing the fabulous spread of breakfast foods from around the world at our Spring breakfasts and the children had a great time eating with their classmates in their pyjamas and onesies! A big thank you to all the parents for providing nutritious food for the class breakfasts.

The Spring concert on Thursday showcased the musical talents of the children in ID 3 to 6. Those pupils who have instrumental lessons out of school were able to perform their favourite songs and it always a pleasure seeing these children on their various musical journeys. Mr Tim had also spent the music lessons this term rehearsing a range of songs, in a variety of languages. We had Japanese, French and Dutch songs and it was clear to see that the children enjoyed performing. Well done to all the children!


ID R visit the Kinderboekenmuseum

ID R had the chance to visit this great local museum on Thursday as part of the Host Country Language (HCL) lessons. The children got to find out more about well-known Dutch traditional book characters and had a great visit.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Tuesday 3rd April- Ms Vivienne is out at the HCL DIPS day.
  • Thursday 5th and Friday 6th April- Mrs Wittenberg attends the ECIS conference in Berlin.



Week Beginning 19th March 2018

It has been a very active week here at KSS. The teachers of the ID R to 3 classes had a study day on Wednesday, which looked at the use of picture books to teach mathematics. This was a very inspiring day and the team are excited to see how they can incorporate this in their maths lessons.

Thursday saw many visitors at school.  First we had the school photographer in. He took the individual, sibling and class photos and soon you will receive a sample card with log in details to view the photos and place your order. We also had a visit from the NOS Jeugdjournaal, which is the Dutch children’s news. They filmed children in the ID 6 class for a few hours and interviewed two of the girls in year 6 who have lived in other countries and attended other international schools.  The segment will be broadcast next week and we will send a link so that you can view it.

NOS film ID 6 in their Dutch lesson


Pauline from NOS Jeugdjournaal with our ID 6 interviewees


Finally on Thursday, we welcomed Kyoko, a professor of linguistics from Japan. She is doing a study on bilingualism and visited the Nassaulaan location on the Monday and spent much of Thursday with us at KSS. She loved our school and seeing how the children learn and use language. She said she had many ideas to take back to Japan, where the provision for teaching English is being looked at.


Spring Events next week

We are looking forward to the Spring Breakfasts which will take place in the classrooms on Wednesday and the Spring concert for the ID 3-6 children which will take place on Thursday 29th March at 14:00. Parents of children in ID 3-6 are warmly invited to attend.


Clocks ‘Spring’ forward

Please don’t forget that the clocks move forward one hour on Sunday morning at 02:00. Please make sure that you change your clocks and watches to avoid being late to school on Monday!


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Tuesday 27th March- Mr Toby and Ms Alice present information on the IPC “Growing Up” unit in the classroom at 08:30.
  • Wednesday 28th March – Spring Breakfasts in the classrooms – all families are expected to contribute to this.
  • Thursday 29th March- Spring Concert for ID 3 to 6 classes at 14:00 in the gym
  • Thursday 29th March- ID R on HCL trip to the Kinderboekenmuseum
  • Friday 30th March- School is closed for the Good Friday holiday


Teachers out of school next week

  • Monday 26th March- Mr Adam is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 4
  • Monday 26th March- Ms Toebes is out- Ms Denise helps in ID 1
  • Wednesday 28th March- Ms Eileen is out



Week beginning 12th March 2018

Well done to all of the children who competed in the CPC Ernst and Bobby and 2.5 Km runs on Sunday. It was one of the wettest CPC events ever, but that did not dampen the children’s spirits and many children proudly wore their medals to school on Monday morning. Thank you to Ms Marjon for co-ordinating this activity for the HSV.

This week parents had the chance to come into school and discuss their child’s February short report with the class teachers as well as the specialist and support staff. Thank you to all those parents who took time out of their schedule to attend these meetings and we trust that you found them valuable. We hope that you also enjoyed the chance to browse the book sales. Thanks to those families who purchased books as we were able to get some titles for our library with the commission.


KSS on the Children’s News

An exciting happening next week is that the film crew from Jeugdjournaal will be in school next Thursday to film the KSS location. They are making an article on international schools and approached us to be filmed. We are very excited about this and will let you know when the clip is aired on TV.


School Photographer

Don’t forget that the school photographer will be here on Thursday 22nd March to take the individual, family and class photos. Please remember to dress your child in bright colours for a great shot!


Visiting Lecturer from Japan

Thursday next week is going to be busy for us as we will welcome a visiting Lecturer from Japan, who is finding out more about bilingualism and the teaching of English in The Netherlands.


Study Day

The teachers from ID R, 1, 2 and 3 will attend a study day next Wednesday on using fiction/picture books to teach mathematics. This promises to be a very interesting day and we look forward to using what is learnt with the children.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Wednesday 21st March- Study day- NO SCHOOL FOR ID R, 1, 2 and 3 children
  • Thursday 22nd March- SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER IN
  • Thursday 22nd March- Jeugdjournaal in filming at KSS


Teachers out of School Next Week

  • Monday 19th March- Ms Marjon is out- Ms Janet teaches ID R
  • Monday 19th March- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Tuesday 20th March- Ms Jessica is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 1
  • Friday 23rd March- Ms Toebes is out- Ms Denise helps ID 1




Week Beginning 5th March 2018

It was the start of another busy half term with new IPC units being launched in the classrooms. ID R had a very special visitor on Thursday, when Ms Marjon’s friend, who is a vet, came to check on the children’s toy pets and diagnose what was wrong with them. The children really enjoyed this and there was an excited buzz all morning whilst they waited for the vet to arrive.

On Thursday we had our third celebration assembly of the year. This is a time when teachers choose a few children in their classes to highlight an academic or personal goal that has been achieved. At the start of the assembly, we discussed that not everyone can have a certificate every time and it was wonderful to hear the maturity of one of the ID 1 boys, who had told his teacher “you shouldn’t be sad if you don’t get a certificate, instead you should be happy for someone else who has got one”, a truly lovely sentiment.


Parent Teacher Consultations

You should by now, have received the time of your appointment with the class teacher next week. There are sign-up sheets for the specialist team if you want to meet the Gym, Music, Dutch or Handicraft teachers. Please note that all of this team are part time and so please check which day(s) and time(s) they are available. If you can’t meet with them next week, you can always make an appointment at another time.


Book Sale

During the Parent Consultation meetings there will be the ladies from Rainbow and Usborne books in school, offering a fantastic range of fiction and non-fiction. Do drop by and have a look.


What’s Happening Next Week?

  • Tuesday 13th March- Parent Teacher Consultations 15:30-18:30
  • Tuesday 13th March- Rainbow/Usborne Book sale
  • Thursday 15th March – Parent Teacher Consultations 15:30-18:30
  • Thursday 15th March – Rainbow/Usborne Book sale


Teachers out of school next week

  • Monday 12th March- Ms Catrion is out- Ms Kristen teaches ID 2
  • Monday 12th March- Ms Hager is out- Ms Clare teaches ID 3
  • Wednesday 14th March- Ms Eileen is out