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Friday 30th June



After weeks of preparation, the ID6 exhibition finally took place on Wednesday evening. The long wait was worth it! The audience was treated to a fantastic performance and shared in the term’s learning based on William Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo and Juliet.
Incorporating dance, drama and song, and showing literacy, art and technology, the exhibition showcased the talents of our oldest students before they leave the HSV for their secondary education… and what a talented lot they are! 
Much time has been spent in recent weeks rehearsing for the exhibition, which involved much support from teachers, the National Theatre and parents. We all very much appreciate the input from all that has helped to bring out the very best in our students and we wish them well as they embark on the next stage in their learning journey.
What’s happening next week?
Monday 3rd July – ID6 out to Efteling
Friday 7th July – Leavers Assembly @ 09:00; SCHOOL CLOSES FOR SUMMER BREAK @ 12:30
Teachers with Compensation Days next week:
Monday 3rd July – Ms Amreen is out – Ms Manon teaches ID5A; Ms Helene is out – Ms Caroline teaches ID3H
Tuesday 4th July – Ms Bernadette is out – Ms Manon teaches ID6B; Ms Wilson is out

Friday 23rd June

What’s happening next week?
Wednesday 28th June – ID6 Exhibition @ 18:00
Friday 30th June – VNS Big Day Out!
Teachers with Compensation Days next week:
Thursday 29th June – Ms Judy is out – Ms Manon teaches IDRL

Friday 16th June

This week it was the turn of ID5F to perform their assembly to an appreciative audience of parents, staff and other students. The fantastic performance was based around the decades of the 20th century and was fully planned, prepared and delivered by the class. Starting with the 1950’s and ending with the 1990’s, we were treated to a range of different presentations including PowerPoints, plays, poetry and videos, to name but a few. We learned some of the key features of each decade, whether it be famous musicians or songs, artists or events, food or toys. Well done ID5 for a great assembly!

What’s happening next week?
Wednesday 21st June – ID2 & 3 Sports Day
Friday 23rd June – Zomerfeest (Summer Fair) 15:00 – 17:00
Teachers with Compensation Days next week:
Monday 19th June–Mr Fraser is out – Ms Caroline teaches ID5F; Ms Janet is out – Ms Helen teaches ID4M; Ms Judy is out – Ms Manon teaches IDRL
Tuesday 20th June – Ms Cyrille is out – Ms Manon teaches IDRC
Friday 23rd June – Mr Matthew is out – Ms Caroline teaches ID6M

Friday 9th June

This week, children in ID1V and ID5A performed assemblies that they had prepared to parents, staff and other students.

ID1V children shared their learning about the seaside, linked to their IPC theme. They recited a poem, sang a song, performed a dance and shared some of their thoughts about holidays. They ended with a video, which reminded us of all the fun and learning that they have experienced over the academic year and explained the things that they have enjoyed most. What a great year ID1 students have had!

ID5A students shared some of their experiences with literature that they have experienced in ID5. Focusing on the work of Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ and J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’, they performed two scenes from the stories; these were interspersed with snippets of classroom learning. They ended with a comparison of the two tales. Well done, ID5A!

What’s happening next week?
Monday 12th June–IDRL out to Sealife
Wednesday 14th June – IDRC out to Sealife; ID4, 5 & 6 Sports Day
Friday 15th June – ID5F Class Assembly @ 10:30
Teachers with Compensation Days next week:
Monday 12th June–Mr Fraser is out – Ms Caroline teaches ID5F
Thursday 15th June – Ms Janet is out – Ms Helen teaches ID4M
Friday 16th June – Ms Janet is out – Ms Helen teaches ID4M; Ms Amreen is out – Ms Caroline teaches ID5A

Friday 2nd June

This week, children in IDR & ID1 have had their Games Day. This fun annual event, organised by Ms Suzanna, the VNS gym teacher, allows the children to experience a range of active games and sports skills, some practised throughout the year and some new. How exciting!

This year children from ID4M helped out. They each led a group and instructed the children during the twelve different activities. ID4 was prepared and trained for this during their own gym lessons. At snack time school provided an extra snack and drink for the children to recover for the next half.

The Games Day finished with a ceremony held by Ms Suzanna that included singing and dancing. The children were also presented with a ribbon as a reminder of their participation in the event.

The children thoroughly enjoyed Games Day. It was great to see everyone enjoying being active.

What’s happening next week?
Monday 5th June– SCHOOL CLOSED
Thursday 8th June – Miss Wilson and Mr Matthew out to Power of Reading Conference; Ms Helen teaches ID6M
Friday 9th June – ID1V Class Assembly @ 09:30; ID5A Class Assembly @ 10:30
Teachers with Compensation Days next week:
Friday 9th June – Ms Linnea is out – Ms Alice teaches ID1L; Ms Helene is out – Ms Caroline teaches ID3H

Friday 19th May

In ID1, children have enjoyed exploring maps, locating places they have visited whilst on holiday. As part of their Literacy learning, they have created their own treasure maps.

As part of their IPC theme, Active Planet, ID3 children have experimented creating explosive art inspired by the English artist, Nick Rowland. They have used a straw to diffuse paint across paper to evoke a volcanic eruption.

ID5 children have had their entry point for their IPC theme, Go with the Flow. They have created boats that must be able to sail on a moving waterway with a load of 200g.

What’s happening next week?
Tuesday 23rd May – ID5 Trip
Wednesday 24th May – Photographer in school for omitted children
Thursday 25th & Friday 26th May – Ascension: SCHOOL CLOSED
Teachers with Compensation Days next week:
Monday 22nd May – Mr Matthew is out – Ms Alice teaches ID6M; Ms Helene is out – Ms Manon teaches ID3H
Friday 12th May
On Monday, ID4 started their final IPC theme for the year, Shaping Up! Ms Ruth and Ms Mary Anne, along with ID4 parents, arranged a secret trip as an entry point to the topic: a fitness bootcamp! The children participated in many fun activities, including running, pushups, squats, ghost tag, dodgeball and more! 
On Tuesday, children who have Telugu as one of their home languages attended a mother tongue lunch. These mother tongue lunches take place regularly, promote home languages and are a good opportunity for children to communicate in their home language with other native speakers. 
What’s happening next week? 
Monday 15th May – Ms Karla is out (Fire Evacuation Training) – Ms Helen teaches ID3 
Tuesday 16th May – Ms Wilson out for Leadership morning; Mr Fraser is out (am) First Aid Training; Ms Amreen is out (pm) First Aid Training – Ms Helen teaches ID5 
Wednesday 17th May – Parents Association Meeting @ 08:40 (Staffroom) 
Thursday 18th May – EAL Teachers attend DIPS study day 
Teachers with Compensation Days next week: 
Monday 15th May – Ms Bernadette is out – Ms Alice teaches ID6B; Ms Amreen is out – Ms Janet teaches ID5A; Ms Cyrille is out – Ms Caroline teaches IDRC Friday 19th May – Ms Judy is out – Ms Helen teaches IDRL