HSV International Primary School

HSV current response to COVID19

HSV Health and Safety:

The below RIVM guidelines have been put in place due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak and are subject to change. We want to  ensure that the children, parents and staff are safe by doing the following:

  •  The key focus areas are social distancing, hygiene and staying alert to symptoms of colds and flu
  • Social distancing where possible – no handshakes or hugs 
  • No parents allowed in the school building. By appointment only
  • Children use more entrances/exits
  • Minimise adults working in the building and working at a safe distance.
  • Fewer children on the playground at any one time
  • Movement around school kept to a minimum  
  • More cleaning/disinfecting – tables, chairs, floor, toilets, toys, resources
  • More handwashing
  • More regular cleaning toys and resources available to children
  • Masks and gloves and sanitiser available for staff and visitors
  • No shared birthday treats, for the time being.
  • Children and adults with any symptoms of colds and flu not allowed in school/are sent home


Please find the HSV COVID-19 Protocol here.