HSV International Primary School

COVID 19 Update School Attendance

COVID 19 Update School Attendance:
Please find below the latest Covid-19 update in line with the new government regulations.

For children in childcare or in primary education * the following applies:

  • If the child has other complaints that may be consistent with COVID-19, such as fever, shortness of breath or (more than occasional) coughing, he or she must stay home until the complaints have disappeared for 24 hours. The child does not to be tested for corona unless he or she is seriously ill. Contact your doctor.
  • Does the child also have a fever and / or shortness of breath? Then everyone in the household stays at home.

  • If someone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19, everyone in the household stays at home. Does the child get complaints? Make an appointment for a corona test.

  •  If the child returns from an area with an orange or red travel advice or if you receive a notification with the Coronamelder app, the above advice applies to children up to and including 12 years old. They are allowed to go to school or daycare. Everyone over 12 years old has to stay at home for 10 days after their return journey from an orange or red area or after notification of the coronamelder app (quarantine). For orange or red areas see  NederlandWereldwijd.