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SCHOOL CLOSED FOR ALL CHILDREN – Friday 13th October – Teacher Study Day


HALF TERM BREAK – Monday 16th October – Friday 20th October


Thursday 12th October

This week, across the Netherlands, is Kinderboekenweek (Children’s Book Week). This year’s theme is Griezelen (or Spooky Stories). We have had a great week sharing stories and celebrating reading – of course with a focus on spooky stories!

We started the week with a special assembly in the gym. Many children dressed up in book character costumes, some of them rather spooky!

In their classrooms the children have shared spooky stories, some read by parents. They have also written poetry and done art and craft activities connected to the spooky theme. Some classes have also practised spooky subtraction maths!

On Thursday we had ‘Drop everything and read’. Whenever the playground bell was heard ringing during lesson time everyone stopped what they were doing and read. Miss Wilson rang the bell so enthusiastically that it broke!

We finished book week and our half term with an assembly. Classes shared the things that they have been learning in their classrooms and all the children performed the Kinderboeken dance, led by Ms Suzy and the Book Week Dance team.

Thank you very much to the Book Week Team, to Ms Suzy for her work teaching the dance routine and Ms Merit for teaching the effective shadow puppet theatre this week.

What’s happening in school during the week after half-term?

Monday 23rd October – ID1 Theatre Visit in school

Wednesday 25th October – Book Market

Thursday 26th October –  IDR Theatre Visit in school

Friday 27th October – Diwali Assembly

Teachers with compensation days during the week after half-term:

Monday 23rd October – Mr Matthew is out – Ms Claire teaches ID6M; Ms Marie-Claire is out – Ms Clare teaches ID4MC; Ms Wendy is out – Ms Alice teaches ID1W

Tuesday 24th October – Ms Kelly is out – Ms Claire teaches ID5K

Friday 27th October – Ms Judy is out – Ms Clare teaches IDRJ

Friday 6th October

This has been a very different sort of a week for us all. We have had lots of people in and out of school for different events, as well as regular classroom learning.

On Monday, ID4 visited Rotterdam airport connected to their IPC learning theme Gateways to the World. Whilst there, they found out about the different roles that people play in the day-to-day working of the airport, they learned about procedures for check-in and security, investigated signs and drew a birds’ eye view of the runway.

Also on Monday it was International Non-Violence Day. This is observed on the 2nd October, the birthday of Mahatma Ghandi, pioneer of non-violence. In their classrooms, the children discussed the importance of peace, tolerance and non-violence.

On Wednesday, it was a study day for the teachers in IDR, 1, 2 & 3. Whilst the children from these classes stayed at home, teachers from across the three ID locations and from the Dutch department at the NSL location joined together at VNS to undertake a variety of ICT workshops. These aimed to develop skills in different technologies, knowledge of their tools, and awareness of how these can be used both in the classroom for teaching and for organisation. Examples of just some of the workshops offered included coding, the Google classroom and Osmo.

On Thursday, staff from HSV gathered in Zuiderpark, Den Haag, with an estimated 60000 teachers from across the Netherlands, to plead for better conditions for primary school teachers. Finding one another amongst the crowd proved challenging but groups of HSV staff were able to locate each other to show solidarity.

On Friday, ID3, 5 and 6 visited the Shell Discovery Expo on the Malieveld. There were lots of different science activities for the children to participate in, all connected to the theme energy. The children were able to build salt water cars by adding salt to a piece of paper to make the motor run. They saw a gravity light show. Here they watched a show on the ceiling and listened to a story. In the dome, they were able to carry out different experiments.







What’s happening in school next week?

Monday 9th – Thursday 12th October- Kinderboeken Week (Children’s Book Week)

Monday 9th October – Book Week opening – Dress up as a book character; Theatre Visitors in school – ID4

Wednesday 11th October – Book swap

Thursday 12th October –  ‘Drop everything and read’; Book Week assembly

Teachers with compensation days next week:

Monday 9th October – Ms Mary Anne is out – Ms Alice teaches ID4MA

Tuesday 10th October – Mr Anthony is out – Ms Clare teaches ID5A; Ms Karla is out – Ms Claire teaches ID3K